Selenite vs Satin Spar

Selenite vs Satin Spar

Selenite vs Stain Spar

Let’s give details and shed some light on the mislabeled crystal Selenite.
SELENITE AND SATIN SPAR ARE NOT THE SAME THING! Yes, they ARE in the same family (gypsum) (More Info Below) and yes they do look kinda similar but here are the main differences:
•Satin Spar is usually cheaper than selenite.
•Satin Spar is Milky White/Opaque/Shiny and may have vertical lines running down the length of the stone, selenite is transparent.
•Satin Spar is fibrous, Selenite is nonfibrous.
•Selenite has cleavage.

Sadly, Satin spar is very commonly mislabeled as selenite, most retailers do not know the difference. Both are able to be cleaned in water! They do not dissolve. However, they will become more fragile over time.

Gypsum Family

Gypsum has many interesting properties, including its very unique crystal habits. Many Gypsum crystals are found perfectly intact without distortions or parts broke off. Such crystals are found in clay beds as floater crystals, where they fully form without being attached to a matrix. Gypsum crystals are known for their flexibility, and slim crystals can be slightly bent. (Though trying to bend good crystals is not recommended, as their flexibility is weak, and if flexed too much they will break. More information on gypsum here

Satin Spar

Satin spar selenite is the fibrous variety of Selenite. It is generally white, silky and translucent with a pearly or milky appearance.
Satin Spar Selenite can be cut into very striking chatoyant cabochons.
Historically, the name Satin Spar was first applied to a variety of calcite. Satin spar is considered to help regularise a woman’s hormones and menstrual cycle. It eases migraine and visual disturbances caused by PMS. It will reduce scar tissue, speed recovery from surgery especially gynaecological ones such as caesareans. it encourages bone growth and strengthening particular osteoporosis. This stone enhances skin health.
Satin Spar is a calming stone when life has become stressful and hectic. If you are lethargic and uninspired this stone will give you energy and increase your creativity. This stone is ideal for children and adults who suffer from hyperactivity.


Selenite is a transparent, colourless variety of Gypsum. Selenite is named after Greek word for the Moon, referring to the moonlight effect from cleavage surfaces. Selenite is a variety of Gypsum that occurs in transparent crystals or crystalline masses. It is often colourless with a vitreous or pearly lustre.

Selenite brings clarity of the mind, it opens the crown chakra. With this stone, you can access angelic consciousness and higher guidance. Selenite helps you anchor yourself to the earth.

Selenite is excellent for meditation work as it brings a deep peace so that meditation or visualisation can be achieved more easily. If you are telepathic this stone will help you in your task.
Selenite can be used to set up a protective grid around the house, which creates a safe place for you and your family. Place the stones at the corners of the house.
Selenite will show you issues and lessons that you still need to fix. It can be used for scrying to see the future or the past.
Selenite helps judgement and insight. It clears confusion and helps you see the big picture. It is a disperser and stabiliser of erratic emotions.
Selenite aligns the spinal column and promotes flexibility. It wards off epileptic seizures. It is a crystal for breastfeeding and nurturing a child. It is the ideal stone if you are having trouble bonding with your baby.

Images are taken from google/Etsy – Pictures are not my own

References – Where I first saw details regarding satin and selenite.

4 Replies to “Selenite vs Satin Spar”

  1. Cliff


    Thanks, it is very informative

  2. Pam Ruggles


    Good info.

  3. Mars


    I am confused because according to the description I am holding what appears to be satin spar but when I experience this crystal, it most definitely has the Selenite properties very prominently regarding meditative and psychical activities. So now I’m confused at the distinction. Satin spar sounds calming but the wand I have is very high vibrational and mentally active, like Selenite.

    1. shannon (Post author)


      Everyone feels different with every crystal you hold. Some people feel like Modavite is highly vibration with so much energy coming from them but i don’t feel anything at all from them. You may feel high vibrations, due to you feel more from Satin Spar than Selenite. Do you have Selenite as well as Satin Spar? I have selenite in the shop right now, so you can see the difference but no Satin Spar. The Selenite you may have could be stain spar also

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