#2 Calcite Cube

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Stunning Calcite Cubes

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Optical Calcite is viewed as the “cure all” stone. It is capable of being made into an elixir by leaving in water over night. Optical Calcite is a deep soul healing stone and helps to revamp the aura. Optical Calcite detoxes the body and helps to detoxify, clear and align all the chakras in the body. Optical Calcite is an amazing stone to heal injuries of the eye as well as to help strengthen the eyes. Optical Calcite that includes rainbow colors is a stone of new beginnings.


  • Improves motivation
  • Removes laziness
  • Removes emotional stress
  • Allows calcium uptake in bones
  • Dissolves calcification
  • Beneficial for the skeletal system
  • Beneficial for the joints
  • Helps with intestines
  • Allows tissue to heal from wounds
  • Promotes growth in children
  • Helps alleviate pain of ulcers
  • Helps to rid a wart if placed on wart for a period of time
  • Beneficial for eye vision and strength
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