#5 Black Moonstone Palm Stone

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Black Moonston Palm Stones 117g

Black Moonstone has a strong energy to aid you to connect to the Divine Feminine during meditation.  Like the lovely rainbow crystals they resonate within the highest chakras, which may assist with the development of psychic gifts. Their vibration is effective within the navel chakra to help with the emergence of fresh and novel ideas.  These crystals are unusual, because although they look like they are colored black at first glance, when they are moved they have a lovely silver grey sheen.

These stones have a number of useful healing attributes including helping you if you have electrical sensitivity. They are said to block the effects of these devices and may be effective used in combination with other stones for electrical sensitivity.If you are a person who reacts to mobile phones, wi-fi or the emanations from computers, it may benefit you to have a piece in your environment. They are also said to be helpful healing stones for anyone with issues in the organs of the sacral chakra, as they resonate well there. These organs include the female reproductive area, the kidneys, spleen, stomach and gut.

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