Amethyst Deities – Triple Moon – Pentagram – Horned God INDIVIDUAL/SET


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Amethyst Deities 3pc Set or Individual.

Choose from Pentagram, Horned God and Triple Moon Symbols or choose all three as a bundle set.

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More information on how to work with Deities and what they are vist the link below for more information.


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WORKING WITH DEITIES – AN INTRO . So I picked up these stunning set of quartz altar peices from Glastonbury. One is a pentacle, one a triple moon goddess and one a horned god. It's inspired me to talk a little bit about deity work and some tips: . .🌙 You do not have to work with deities, many witches are secular and don't worship or work with them. .🌙 Your deity work is personal, you don't have to share it. .🌙 Traditionally, many witches / Wiccans work with a triple goddess energy (shown as the three moons and also linked to the mother, maiden and crone energy) as well as the horned god (often depicted with antlers, the Lord of the forest, often linked to the sun) together these create a duality and balance. .🌙 Many work with the general god and goddess energies and not a specific deity. .🌙 Meditation, asking for signs, seeing through divination such as crystal ball and mirror work are all good ways to help you connect and find a patron deity. .🌙 Always be respectful to your deity, ask for help rather than command it. .🌙 Do not feel pressure to find a deity or to work with them, often this process takes years! .🌙 Customise your altar based around your deity, for example herbs for love if you work with Aphrodite. .🌙 The deities you work with may change over your practice. .🌙 You may work with different deities when you require different energies such as love, wisdom etc. .🌙 Make sure you have a knowledge of your deity, each generally has a shadow side. .🌙 Oracle decks can be really useful in working with and finding deities to work with. .🌙 You may find working with a specific pantheon is useful such as the Greek or Egyptian gods. The birth of modern witchcraft was heavily influenced by both of those pantheons! If you have a certain heritage such as Celtic, those gods may appeal to you. .🌙 Some practitioners work with the fae folk, spirit energy, elements, energy work such as crystals etc all instead of deities, and that's also fine! .🌙 Enjoy the process, don't rush or force it. Working with deities is super rewarding if you respect the process. . I hope this is useful! Please pop any questions below!

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Pentagram, Triple Moon, Horned God Symbol, 3Pc Set