Turquiose, Moss Agate, Clear Quartz & Blue Quartz Resin Crystal With Ouija Resin Planchette

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Resin Crystal 3.5cm Height Ouija Planchette 6cm 

All resin pieces are handmade, due to this some imperfections such and bubbles, small holes or bumps may become part of this unique piece. These just add to its special character and every piece can be a little different. So please keep in mind that you may not be receiving the ‘exact’ one as the picture. For long-lasting use, please do not submerge in water or leave in direct sunlight. If your pieces become less shiny just buff them with a microfiber cloth. Also, be aware that perfumes or chemicals should not come in contact with the resin. Resin can be very strong and durable however it should be treated with care for it ‘could’ break if dropped or knocked on a hard surface.



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